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If you attach great importance to a species-appropriate poultry breeding or poultry farming, then you know that it is not always easy to find the right online shop or specialized trade. On our website, however, we offer you useful accessories for the welfare and breeding of poultry. In our assortment you will find a wide selection of different poultry accessories. Are you looking for poultry feed, plucking machines, grain mills, transport boxes or maybe a chicken coop? If this is the case, then you are exactly right with us. We also offer different egg incubators and feeding troughs and poultry waterer. No matter what you are looking for, with us you will certainly quickly find the right poultry accessories for your needs and requirements.

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It behaves when keeping different poultry like ducks, geese or chickens. Poultry is understood to mean all types of poultry that are easy to keep, whether they are geese, chickens or ducks. In order to keep these animals properly, one must not only be in possession of a chicken coop, but one should above all pay attention to the matching chicken coop accessories. There is also a lot of poultry accessories for breeding poultry, which should not be missing. These include, for example:

For animals, which are outside in winter or for smaller animals heat lamps are very good. For example, dark radiators only need a very small amount of electricity. They provide perfect warmth during rearing. Even a red light lamp emits a very pleasant heat. No matter what you are looking for, the selection in our range of poultry accessories is so versatile that every searcher will quickly find the right product for himself.

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Even sleeping places and transport boxes play a very important role in the breeding of poultry. You will also find these at a reasonable price in our online shop. If you want to protect your poultry against predators, for example, then cover nets are very good for it. Our comprehensive assortment allows you to pursue your beautiful and exciting hobby. But even if you only want to start with the keeping of chickens or the like, you have the opportunity in our shop to purchase a complete original equipment at a very attractive price. You can buy any kind of poultry accessories from us.