Heatable water bowl & heated drinker at Agrarzone - Frost protection in winter

In cold stables, there is a risk that the drinking water will freeze in the cold winter months. Heated Heatable water bowls provide farm animals or wild animals with fresh drinking water even in frosty conditions. In the summer, a heated drinking bowl keeps the water at a constantly pleasant drinking temperature.


  • Constant and pleasant water temperature for the animals in every season
  • Frost-free drinking water in winter down to -25 degrees
  • Well-tempered water on hot summer days thanks to the self-regulating thermometer
  • As heated float drinkers, pipe valve and tongue valve drinkers or frost-proof thermo water bowl
  • Made of robust cast iron or stable plastic
  • Durable & high quality materials
  • Practical accessories: Transformer, circulation pump for ring lines, heating cable, bracket and much more.
  • No risk thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee

Why you need a heated drinker:

Horses, cattle, sheep, goats and more should not only receive sufficient animal feed, but also be supplied with sufficient fresh drinking water. If the drinking trough and the supply lines freeze in winter, this means considerable additional work for farmers, because the need for fresh water is high, depending on the animal species:

Adult horses or cows drink much more than sheep, goats or young animals. Frozen water pipes can lead to thirst and dehydration of the animals as well as all kinds of property damage such as broken or burst pipes. Even in hot summer temperatures, cattle, horses and the like need a balanced fluid balance.

The modern drinking bowl technology provides effective remedies and ensures clean and fresh drinking water in every season. A drinking bowl is part of every barn equipment if livestock are kept in non-heated stables. A heatable drinking trough guarantees the cattle well-tempered water even in freezing temperatures. No layer of ice forms and the drinking temperature is pleasant. Heated drinking troughs thus ensure that the animals stay healthy in cold houses, even when the temperatures drop. Thanks to the self-regulating thermometer, heated drinkers keep the water at a consistently well-kept drinking temperature in summer.

This is how you can protect the drinking water from freezing

Heated drinking bowl: Whether as heated swimmer drinking troughs, heated double drinking troughs or heated tongue valve drinking troughs - Heated drinking troughs ensure a constant water temperature that is pleasant for the animals in every season. Depending on the model and heating technology, the drinking bowl and valve or the accompanying pipe are frost-free to -25 degrees. Frost-free drinking bowls are suitable for circulation heating systems and are generally equipped with a frost protection thermostat.

Frost-proof thermal water bowl: For the frost-proof water supply of grazing animals, thermal drinkers with 40 L up to 100 L are a simple alternative to electrically heated drinkers. By using geothermal water and the insulating effect of the housing, you can offer the animals to everyone Season a constant and pleasant water temperature - completely without electricity.

Circulation pump for ring line: A circulation pump is a circulation pump with a heating unit. The heat pump offers reliable frost protection for heated drinking bowls even at very low temperatures. The circulation pump Aqualine Classic is an automatic heating system with an integrated circulation pump for drinkers that are connected to a ring line. Aqualine reliably prevents water from freezing in pipes of max. 250 m loop line length.

Electric hotplate: An electric hotplate is suitable for animals with a lower water requirement and is just as suitable for rabbit stables, dog houses, cat houses and poultry waterer. The heating mat keeps water drinkers frost-free or provides pleasant warmth on cold days.

Heating device on the incoming drinking water: Heating cables and heating wires on the pipes are a practical alternative to a heatable drinking bowl. Operation is guaranteed at 230V with a frost protection thermostat and in the low voltage range with a transformer for trough heating. Heating thermostats switch on the heating elements above a certain temperature, so energy is only consumed when required. Transformers equipped with a switch only remain in operation when there is a risk of ice.

Lay the pipes deeper: You can also lay the water pipes deep enough (at least 90 cm) in the ground and protect them with an adequate insulation layer and insulation materials to prevent the water from freezing to minus degrees. This alternative is more complex than heated drinkers and heating lines and can only be recommended to a limited extent: Even if you anchor and insulate the water pipes deep enough in the ground, there is a risk of frost on the risers and the drinker.

You have to take this into account when buying a heated drinking bowl

A frost-proof drinking trough for cattle, horses, etc. should have several features so that your animals are optimally supplied with water and you can enjoy the drinking bowl for a long time:

  • Robust and hard-wearing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Suitable for high pressure and low pressure
  • For wall or pipe connection
  • High quality
  • Durable materials made of cast iron or plastic

Which heated drinker is suitable for my animal?

Heatable swimmer drinkers are particularly suitable for young animals, but also for smaller farm animals such as goats, sheep and sensitive specimens. Heatable tongue valve drinkers are predominantly used in the mast housing. Heated drinking troughs with a tongue valve are also particularly popular in horse stables. A heatable double float drinker provides fresh water in two drink bowls and heatable pipe valve drinkers are also used in cold stalls. At Agrarzone you will find the right drinker model for every need in no time at all.

Where is a heated drinker installed?

The heated potions should, if possible, be placed away from the feed point to avoid getting the feed wet and contaminating the potions with feed. The heated drinking bowl should also not be set up close to the sleeping area. Ideally, the location should be chosen so that drinking animals do not hinder other animals.

You need these accessories for your heated water bowl:

  1. Transformer for trough heating: A transformer for drinking bowls transforms the voltage from 230 volts to 24 volts and is suitable for all common drinking troughs. Short-circuit and overload protection, as well as an integrated temperature limiter are just a few advantages of a transformer. In order to avoid unnecessary retrofitting of your transformers, it is important to act with foresight when buying. The number and the power consumption of the planned heated drinkers and heating cables should be taken into account.

    Which transformer fits the drinking bowl?

    If you want to operate a drinking bowl with 80 W power (P), a transformer with 100 W is sufficient. If you also want to connect a heating cable with 24 V, simply add the power consumption (= wattage) of the cable. Also take into account the power loss due to supply lines (see calculation example). This is how you get the required minimum output of the transformer. Do not dimension the transformer too precisely to have a buffer for extensions.

    Calculation example for transformer:

    5 x drinking bowl with power consumption 100 watts = 500 watts
    4 x 24 V frost protection heating cables, each with 30 watts = 120 watts
    1 x frost protection heating cable 24 V each with 15 watts = 15 watts
    = Total consumer power 635 watts
    Consideration of the line losses (flat rate 15%) 635 watts x 1.15 = 730 watts

    In this example, two transformers with 400 watts of power each must be selected.
  2. Antifreeze thermostat: An antifreeze thermostat is suitable for all water drinker and pipe heating systems. The external probe ensures automatic switching on and off. The thermostat has been awarded protection class IP54 and is ideal for use in the stable in a splash-proof housing. The freely adjustable response temperature heats the frost protection installation only when it is necessary.
  3. Protection bracket for water bowls: With a protection bracket made of hot-dip galvanized steel tubing, your drinking bowl is optimally protected against knocks and kicks. In this way the life expectancy of the potions can be increased. It is also a protection for the animals. You cannot injure yourself at the (possibly already damaged) trough. The protective bracket for drinking bowls can be screwed directly to the wall and is available in two sizes.
  4. Mounting bracket for drinking bowls: The drinking bowl can be mounted directly on the pipe using the mounting bracket. With the included screws of different lengths, the drinking bowl can be attached to pipes with a diameter of 30 to 120 mm.
  5. Frost protection heating cable 24 V: The frost protection cable for 24 V drinking bowls allows the water to flow even in winter. With a frost protection cable in 1.5 m or 3 m length, you can reliably prevent the formation of frost on heated drinking troughs with a stub line. The frost protection heating cable can easily be retrofitted or as an exchange for existing heating cables.
  6. 24 V heating rod: The heating rod with connection cable is screwed into the 1/2 "water connection of the drinking bowl and thus effectively prevents the pipeline from freezing. The heating rod is operated with a transformer for trough heating, is equipped with an integrated thermostat using the latest semiconductor technology, and saves energy and maintenance-free. The use of an antifreeze thermostat in the supply line is recommended.
  7. Stand for water bowls: The height of the drinking trough should be adjusted to the size of the animals. A plinth is a practical addition to your heated potions if you mount them free-standing in the barn.
  8. Bite protection for pipes: A bite protection made of sheet steel or stainless steel offers reliable protection for pipes equipped with heating cables and insulation.

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