Agrarzone Loyalty Points

With your Agrarzone customer account, you collect loyalty points on an ongoing basis. You can redeem this for further orders and save with every order.

How it works:

✔ Get twice the shopping cart value as loyalty points
✔ 10 loyalty points = 1 EUR discount
✔ Loyalty points redeemable after 30 days and within one year
✔ Loyalty points discount is deducted directly in the shopping cart.

Agrarzone Loyalty Points in detail:

With every order, you will receive twice the shopping basket value as loyalty points in your customer account. The prerequisite for this is that you create a customer account when ordering so that we can credit the loyalty points. You can already see in the article overview how many loyalty points you will receive for purchasing an article.
You can redeem the loyalty points for a new order 30 days after placing your order.
The loyalty points are valid for 1 year. You can redeem every loyalty point for 0.1 EUR. With 10 loyalty points this is 1 EUR, with 100 loyalty points 10 EUR, etc. Orders in the savings subscription are excluded from the loyalty points.